6 Timeless Hairstyles That Never Go Out of Style

In the world of ever-changing fashion and TikTok beauty trends that we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in fleeting fads — certain styles have stood the test of time and continue to excel in the modern era for good reason, though! Timeless hairstyles like the ones below have graced the heads of icons throughout history and remained relevant and fashionable for decades. So whether the strands you’re working with are short, long, straight or curly, these hairstyles will surely be as adored by the wearer as they are embraced by the world around them!

These haircuts can be tailored to suit various face shapes, hair textures and personal styles, and are versatile enough to allow for different styling options and adaptations (especially with the help of the right salon hair styling products)!

  • The Pixie Cut

Short, spunky and undeniably stylish, the pixie cut has been a symbol of individuality and confidence for decades. Popularized by icons like Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow, the pixie cut is characterized by its short length, often with layers and a slightly longer fringe. This daring and chic hairstyle is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement and accentuate their facial features. The pixie cut is low-maintenance, versatile and timeless, making it an excellent choice for women of all ages.

  • The Bob Cut

The bob is a versatile haircut that has been popular since the early 1920s when it was first introduced by the legendary Coco Chanel. Since then, the bob has been embraced by many style icons throughout history (which isn’t surprising, as it’s a hairstyle that exudes confidence and is suitable for all face shapes and hair types!). This chic and sophisticated style is typically characterized by a straight, blunt cut, generally ending around the jawline or shoulders. Whether worn sleek and straight or with natural texture and waves, the bob is a timeless choice that’s as alluring as it is easy to style!

  • The Lob Cut

The lob is an EXTREMELY versatile and flattering long bob haircut that falls just above the shoulders. This chic and elegant style is suitable for all hair types and face shapes, making it a go-to choice for those who desire a medium-length (and minimal maintenance) haircut! 


  • The Layered Cut 

From long layers to short shags, layered cuts are versatile and add movement and dimension to any length of hair. In fact, layers can completely transform your look! This haircut involves cutting different lengths of hair throughout, creating layers that blend seamlessly. The layered cut has been favored by style icons such as Jennifer Aniston, and it continues to be a popular choice today. It adds volume, texture and a youthful vibe to any hairstyle, making it a timeless option for those seeking a versatile and flattering cut.

  • The Side-Swept Bang

While we’ve kept all of the bang styles down below in the “Tailoring a Timeless Haircut” section and categorized them as something that can be done to add variation to any cut, the side-swept bang stands alone as its own style for most people. This is because a short side-swept bang is a go-to move for most people when trying to add personality to a basic cut — so a basic medium-length cut with a simple side-swept bang has become a common and classic look! They’re super low-hassle, super flattering on most face shapes and (as a saving grace) super easy to pin back and grow out if they’re not proving to be flattering! 

  • The Simple Center Part 

Long, one-length hairstyles with center parts are an effortless, authentic and enduring style. While the lack of layers and longer length make this haircut one that’s easy to style (and generally looks good without the need for styling), the center part adds symmetry and balance to the hairstyle and frames the face beautifully. This classic haircut is versatile and suits almost any hair texture — and whether worn straight and sleek or styled with loose waves, will always look beautiful as long as professional hair care products for long and strong hair are used appropriately! 

Tailoring a Timeless Haircut 

Classic cuts like the ones above need nothing more to be amazing. However, tailoring them to suit the unique features and preferences of the person wearing them can ensure that they not only stand the test of time and look amazing doing it but also reflect the individual style and personality of the person they’re on! To do this, consider the following:

  • Bangs, whether they’re being added to a long wispy cut, a bob or something in between, can completely change up a look! From a short blunt fringe to a long curly curtain bang, adding a bang will emphasize interesting facial features and frame the face beautifully.
  • Wispy ends bring a touch of airiness to any haircut and a fresh and relaxed vibe. 
  • Blunt ends never fail to make a statement. Straight, even and without layers, a blunt cut is bound to create a sharp and polished look. 
  • Color treatments can breathe new life into the hair! And whether it be through a simple streak, some highlights, a beautiful balayage or all-over color, they can add personality to any cut and allow someone to truly make a timeless style their own. 

Is It Time for a Timeless Hairstyle? 

While hair trends may change with time, certain haircuts maintain their allure and appeal throughout history and are still celebrated today for their versatility and ability to enhance one’s natural beauty. By embracing a timeless haircut, you are choosing a style that transcends fleeting trends and allows you to express your individuality with confidence. These haircuts flatter various face shapes and hair textures, making them accessible to women of all ages and backgrounds!

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