How to Choose the Right Size Pressure Cooker Online for Your Kitchen

Once you are done deciding on the other fundamental features of the pressure cooker you want to buy, such as material, safety features, layerings, etc — the size becomes a crucial matter. Well, half of your battle is won because pressure cooker shapes and sizes are very standard and, therefore, easy to decide upon. 

Assessing and Considering Capacity

So, let us do some easy maths. One litre for every member. Cooking for a family of four, a 5-litre pressure cooker is the ideal one. Is it the festive season? Cooking biryani for 5 people? — better consider the 6-litre pressure cooker.  

For a further objective-based explanation of food quantities and cookers, one can say, that to cook one kilogram of rice, a five-litre pressure cooker is needed. 

Here is a Pressure Cooker Size and Capacity Chart for a comprehensive understanding.

Pressure Cooker Size Max 2/3 Full Capacity Max 1/2 Full capacity

(cup equivalent)

Especially for Meat, and other preparations. Especially for Grains and Legumes. Eg. Rice, Fruit, Bean, and others.

*One Cup = Approx. 250 ML

Cooking Versatility

If you are searching for a pressure cooker to use for almost every purpose — from daily meals to occasional feasts, certain features should never be compromised.

Volume of the Cooker (Tall and Broad) Serves no. of people
3 L 2-3
5L 4-6
6L 6-8
8L 8-10
1L 1 (used for side dishes or Tadkas)
1.5L 1 (for a whole meal)
2.5L 2-3


  1. Even heat distribution for every mode of cooking – sauteing, steaming, stirring, frying and boiling.
  2. Heat Proof durable handles for quick and easy grip.
  3. Triple safety features

The shape and size of a pressure cooker determine a lot of things.  Let us get into some examples.

  1. For a small meal for one, a baby cooker works best.
  2. For cooking 1 or 2 kilograms of meat, a tall cooker with a lot of depth is helpful.
  3. For cooking dum biryani and other steam-centric cuisines which need a lot of transference and layerings, a broad pressure cooker works best.
  4. Lastly, if you are into frying and sauce making — maybe for some Italian cuisine or an Indian vegetable curry, a Pressure Cooker Pan is the best.

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