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What To Wear as a Wedding Guest to a Fall Wedding

Fall is a beautiful time to get married, but wedding attire for this time of year can be tricky. When it’s too cool for the sleeveless gowns of summer but too warm for the heavy fabrics of winter, where does that leave you? From outer clothes to undergarments, here are a few tips for creating memorable and seasonally appropriate looks.

High-Quality Undergarments

Every outfit starts with underwear, and yours can significantly impact your overall appearance. If you’re wearing a sheath dress, for example, you can transform your silhouette with a contouring bodysuit or high-cut, curve-smoothing panties. If you’re wearing something with a plunging neckline, various bras for women can make the view more flattering, especially if they’re push-ups. Panty lines are something else to consider if you wear snug-fitting clothes on your lower half.

Rich but Understated Colors

It’s time to put away the bright and perky colors of summer. Instead, switch to deeper colors with more warmth and complexity. Examples include amber, navy, plum, burgundy and hunter green. You can even indulge in the traditional autumn palette of orange, red, yellow and brown. However, keep it understated to avoid looking like a kid’s crayon box. For example, choose dark gold rather than a bright butter yellow.

Light Fabrics

Silk is a favorite for summer wedding fashion, and it can carry over into early fall. Other luxurious and lightweight fabrics include organza and chiffon. If the wedding is later in the fall when the weather is cooler, switch to fabrics like cashmere, suede and high-quality cotton. Merino wool is also an option. Although some people think of wool as a heavy winter fabric, it’s actually quite breathable thanks to the spaces between its fibers.


Layers are the secret to staying comfortable in the spring and fall. Since the weather can change by the hour, you’ll want to create an outfit with the same versatility. Depending on the formality of the dress code, you might layer with pieces like shawls, cardigans and boyfriend blazers. Avoid things like voluminous sleeves and high-collared tops that you can’t shed if the temperature warms during the wedding. You can always pull on a jacket if you get too cold, but your options are more limited if you get too hot.

Different Styles of Dresses

Take a look at your wedding invitation. What kind of dress code does it specify? This will let you know the most appropriate styles for the occasion. A black-tie affair, for example, means pulling out an evening gown and leaving the sequined cocktail mini dresses at home. You can find fall-appropriate dresses for every level of formality. It’s just a matter of choosing which one is right for you. And remember, make sure to invest in a good body shaper to wear underneath your dress.

Trousers and Pantsuits

If you aren’t the dress type, wearing pants to a wedding is also fine. The key is to choose classy trousers. For example, look for something with pleats that will add an element of dressiness to a regular pair of slacks. Another option is a pantsuit. You can look modern and chic in a pantsuit with the right jewelry, purse and shoes.

Mix and Match

It’s possible to mix and match different aspects of fall fashion. For example, traditional color combinations include orange and beige, purple and gray, and navy and peach. These duos will be bright enough to cling to summer but subdued enough to be appropriate for a swiftly approaching winter. You can even layer different fabrics together: A cashmere shrug adds dressiness to a plain cotton dress; a fleece blazer keeps you warm atop a silk blouse or pantsuit.

Warm Shoes

Unless the wedding is very early in the fall, you’ll probably want to forgo the sandals. Instead, opt for dress shoes with a closed- or peep-toe design. These might range from brogues and ballet flats to loafers and Mary Janes. Avoid backless shoe styles like mules. They’ll chill your feet from the opposite end. For extra warmth, you can wear socks with some shoe styles. You might want to look into something like no-show socks with very low cuts to keep your feet warm. These won’t mess up the visual dynamic of your footwear.


No wedding outfit is complete without accessories! The right kind for your ensemble will depend on how formal the wedding is. Pearls might be a little much for a casual beach wedding. Still, they can fit in with dressy casual attire at a church or vineyard. Plus, they have an elegance that pairs well with muted fall colors. Precious metals are an excellent choice for fall. Gold, silver and platinum have a timeless look appropriate for every season.

Get Creative With Your Attire

There are many ways to get creative with fall wedding fashion, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your look. Just abide by the formality level on the invitation, and dress for the weather. You can have fun with your fall-themed wedding attire while staying appropriate for the occasion. Buoc Chan Lang Tham Nguyen Si Kha • Rainy Day Memories • 2023

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