Why Nurses Love Tieks

As a nurse, I require a lot of my shoes. They have to provide support, especially for my aching arches and soles since I spend around 12 hours on my feet on shift days. I also look for plenty of cushioning, since it helps me manage foot pain both during work and when I get home and finally get to put up my tired feet.

Another thing I always look for in work shoes? They have to be easy to clean — who knows what might end up splashed all over me during the course of any given day on the job. Not to get gross, but I also prefer to avoid any kind of mesh detailing on my footwear, since I want to keep any fluids that splash onto my feet from seeping through and getting through to my socks or skin.

Now, those are the practical features I need to keep me walking comfortably while I provide my patients with the care they need. But I’m also a shoe lover, and I like to look cute — or at least as cute as I can while stuck in scrubs for hours on end. How do I balance practicality and my desire to feel pretty? The answer is simple: I work through the many pairs of Tieks collecting in my closet.

Why Tieks Are My Go-To Shoe for Work and Beyond

Like I said, I don’t want my feet to hurt during or after a long nursing shift. I also want to look my best, especially on those rare days when I have the energy to go straight from the hospital to dinner or drinks with friends. Luckily, my Tieks are up to the challenge of my crazy schedule as a nurse.

First, they fit my feet perfectly, thanks to the handcrafted Italian leather that molds to my arches, hugging me right where I need them to. Plus, the cushioned backings give me nice, gentle support around my Achilles tendon — and they never cut into my skin because there’s no elastic in sight (unlike so many other pairs of ballet flats I’ve tried). Inside the shoe, the leather insole is filled with advanced foam cushioning that feels like walking on clouds, even at the end of a long shift.

About that leather? It’s durable and easy to wipe clean. Plus, it forms an excellent, firm barrier between me and whatever my patients decide to throw my way. Tieks CEO Kfir Gavrieli had the brilliance to fit the foldable ballet flats with nonskid rubber patches on the outsole so that nurses like me don’t have to worry about slipping or falling on those just-washed hospital floors. On behalf of nurses everywhere — thank you, Kfir!

Finally, we’ve got to talk about cuteness. Tieks come in more than 70 different patterns, prints, and colors. Whether I’m in pink, blue, or green scrubs for the day, there’s a pretty pair of ballet flats ready and waiting to help me elevate my look. Also, these shoes look great with skirts, dresses, jeans, and more, so they’re an ideal day-to-night choice for me when I want to hit the town after work.

Of course, some extra challenging days call for even more practical shoe choices on the nursing floor. When I want to rock sneakers on a shift and look great on breaks or after the day is done, Tieks fold up nicely and compactly, so I can stuff them in my bag for an easy, on-the-go shoe swap later. In other words, Tieks is a great shoe choice for this nurse, and if you want to show some love to a nurse in your life on International Nurses Day (May 12, in case you forgot), head over to the online-only Tieks Boutiek and pick out a pretty pair or two for her.

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