Improving Your Viewing Experience With Igviewer Latest World News & Online Business News

In this article, we’ll look at some ways you can improve your viewing experience with Igviewer’s Latest World & Online Business News. The Times, for example, uses pictures and videos in its main feed. Bloomberg’s Tic-Toc uses videos. These are just a few examples of how different media outlets are using multimedia to attract readers in timesweb. There are even more ways to add visual content to your feed, so that it’s more fun to read.

Bloomberg’s Tic-Toc uses pictures and videos in its main feed

Tic-Toc, a new live-streaming channel from Bloomberg Media, launched on Monday. Instead of traditional text-based news, Tic-Toc relies on original reporting by Bloomberg journalists, as well as information from Twitter users, verified by Bloomberg editors in bitsoup. Initially, the company will stream global news at the top of every hour, with hourly updates available from three a.m. to seven p.m. Pacific time, with full coverage expected to begin in early 2018.

Using igviewer Stories, videos and pictures in its main feed will allow users to watch live video clips and read longer form articles at their own pace. The videos will be short, and will be available in a variety of formats. While Tic-Toc is a bit different than the similar Twitter platform, its content will appeal to mobile news consumers. Hopefully, this new format will help Bloomberg reach a younger audience.

Bloomberg’s Tic-Toc uses videos in its main feed

Tic-Toc has made a strategic move towards using videos as its main content. For instance, its Tic-Toc channel shows the livestream of statements by members of Congress and the president on the World Economic Forum. The video feed also contains tweets from both Pelosi and Trump. The company already distributes its business-focused journalism through other media, including Bloomberg Businessweek magazine in megashare. The move into video appears to be an attempt to remain relevant with a younger audience.

Tic-Toc is supported by Goldman Sachs and Infiniti, but making money out of this venture may be challenging. As a social media engagement tool, Tic-Toc will be difficult to make money in the long term, given that the average person has a short attention span. As a result, the service will face stiff competition from other news sites for advertisers in dl4all.


The news network will use original reporting by Bloomberg journalists and will include information provided by Twitter users. Tic-Toc will run hourly updates for global news at the top of the hour in clipartfest. In the beginning, it will be available for only Twitter users, with hourly updates from three in the morning to seven p.m. PT on Monday. The service will expand to 24 hour coverage on the platform by early next year.

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