Surrogacy- A versatile surrogacy process from Feskov’s reproductive clinic

Surrogacy is a unique process that lets infertile people become parents of their biological children. It blesses couples with infertility issues with their biological child so that they can spend the rest of their life happily. Surrogacy comes in two types, gestational and traditional.

Gestational surrogacy is where the surrogate has no biological connection with the child. It is due to the process where her eggs are not used to fertilize the embryo. The donor or father uses the sperm, and the future mother’s egg fertilizes the embryo.

Traditional surrogacy is the type of surrogacy where the eggs of a surrogate are used to complete the process. Even more, the sperm is used from the intended father or the donor. The surrogate, since her eggs are used, becomes the biological mother of the newborn, but still, she has no legality over the child, and the newborn is the legal child of the intended parents.

About surrogacy and how much it cost in Ukraine

Surrogacy is extremely cheaper in Ukraine, which is the hub of surrogacy. Surrogacy is a real breakthrough process where the surrogate should carry the child for the intended couple or an individual who wishes to have a child of their own but cannot have one due to numerous issues. Price for surrogacy is around $30,000 to $50,000, and it is cheaper than in other countries. You will find an additional price here.  When the surrogacy process is done through the Feskov reproductive clinic, it is sure that the couple is ensured with a happy and healthy child. Furthermore, surrogacy is a blessing for many couples who want to enjoy happy moments with their newborns and can call them parents. 

In Ukraine, there are strict laws about surrogate mothers, just like in other countries such as the United States. The surrogate mother is supposed to live in a clean and fresh environment. However, she needs to eat healthy so that the child is born healthy without any complications. The surrogate goes through a  comprehensive screening, so she fits to be a suitable candidate as a surrogate.

At the end

Surrogacy is a unique process carried out with the consent of a surrogate mother, a clinic and the intended parents. Surrogacy is legal in some countries, whereas it is illegal in others.

Besides, surrogacy in Ukraine is quite affordable, and many couples from different parts of the world visit Ukraine to get the process done. They also opted for surrogacy from Ukraine because it is the hub of surrogacy, and every surrogacy procedure took place with immense success.

Surrogacy prices vary from region to region, even if done in Ukraine. Ukraine is quite affordable when it comes to surrogacy. People choose Ukraine for surrogacy rather than other countries because it is not only the hub of surrogacy but also the best country to get the process done.

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