Why use GIFs on your website?

What is a GIF?

It is a type of file that reproduces sequences of images in a few seconds and repeats constantly. This makes it easier for them to tell a story or be a complement to it. Their ease of loading makes them an excellent alternative to replace videos.

With gifs, it is also possible to convey reactions, and emotions or explain concepts in a creative and fun way. In social networks like Facebook and Twitter, are very common and allow users to express their reactions in a genuine way. Some brands have even resorted to GIFs to respond to user requests or comments.

Reasons to use GIFs on your website

Social networks are not the only place that can benefit from the use of gifs. Including them on your website will give it a dynamic and fresh touch that users will appreciate. But apart from this, there are other reasons to add these objects to your website.

Improve communication

A picture says more than a thousand words, there is no doubt about that. For this reason, by adding visual elements like a GIF, it is possible to better convince the audience. With GIFs, you can show the public how to use a product. They are also useful as a complement when telling a story related to your company.

Boost to Branded Content

Have you heard about Branded Content? This term refers to the marketing practice in which multimedia content is created to promote a specific brand. By creating this content, it is intended to connect in a fresh and genuine way with the target market.

Creating gifs with the products or services you offer can be an excellent alternative to displaying them. Whether it’s a sequence of photos or even cartoon content, GIFs allow you to create content unique to your business that users can replicate.

There are a lot of ways of creating them out there, you can make them from 0 as you want or even convert GIFs from another format.

Save time

A gif is made up of a sequence of images or an excerpt from a video. If you upload these images or the complete video one by one, the weight would be greater than that of a video and nothing guarantees that users will see all the content.

On the other hand, with animated GIFs, it is possible to display several images in a few seconds. This is something that users appreciate, because, with the current routine, it is not possible to spend a lot of time watching content.

In addition, as it is an image sequence that is reproduced in seconds, it is more attractive to users.

Ideal to promote your brand

Netflix is ​​one of the brands that have taken advantage of this format. By taking short video clips and transforming them into gifs, it has promoted new releases, as well as movies and series, available on its platform.

If, for example, your company is dedicated to the sale of food, you can make gifs of the preparation methods. On the other hand, if it is about clothing sales, the sequence of images is ideal to promote your brand.

They help to involve the user in the promotion of your brand

To create gifs you need to be creative. This creativity is the key between a single-use gif and one that the user will use with their friends and acquaintances. With this, more people will know your brand, which will strengthen your branding while attracting new users.


Currently, all sites should be suitable for viewing from any device. At least from brands that want to stay relevant. But that a site adapts to all devices does not mean that it is boring.

GIFs, being easy to upload, add a dynamic touch to your site no matter where users enter from. Implemented correctly, GIFs can increase the chances of conversion. 

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